A Ring for Rescue


Introducing the Ring Rescue™ Kit, a revolutionary healthcare device from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia! This innovative kit is set to transform the way stuck rings are removed in the healthcare system, mitigating the risk of patient injury and lost jewelry.

Equipped with a cutting-edge design, the Ring Rescue™ Kit features an innovative cutter and Compression Device™, allowing for the safe removal of rings. This can be achieved by reducing swelling on the affected finger or by carefully cutting off the trapped ring with minimal damage to the jewelry.

The Cobequid Foundation is currently undertaking a fundraising initiative to acquire this groundbreaking device for the Health Centre. Your support will play a vital role in revolutionizing the process of removing stuck rings, ensuring both patient safety and the preservation of valuable jewelry.  

Changing Cancer Screening at Cobequid

The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module offers a solution — powered by artificial intelligence — to address the challenges of detecting colorectal cancer, early. By harnessing deep learning algorithms and real-time data, we can empower physicians to detect and treat colorectal polyps through enhanced visualization. This innovative equipment will transform cancer screening at Cobequid.

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Healthcare foundations across the province have joined to bring you a monthly 50/50 lottery fundraiser!


Have you purchased your #healthcare5050ns tickets yet? The draw date is the first Tuesday of each month!
We are excited to be participating in a 50/50 initiative! Along with other foundations across the province, we’re working together to improve healthcare for everyone in Nova Scotia.
Funds raised will help purchase essential equipment and support community-focused programs in every participating foundation.
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FibroScan arrives to aid 360 patients in first year, Revolutionizing Liver Disease Management

In a significant development for healthcare in our community, a FibroScan has arrived, bringing hope and advanced technology to the management of Liver disease, with a primary focus to liver cancer. This piece of equipment is set to assist 360 patients in first year of operation transforming the way patients and care providers navigate the challenges of their conditions.

This would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our generous donors, individual and corporate partners. Together, we are revolutionizing liver disease management, ensuring the patients receive the best possible care through the utilization of this technology. A special thank you to CIBC, Halifax Foundation and Canadian Tire for their support.

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