Your donations make an impact on our community.

Each year in the May the Foundation receives a list of priority medical equipment that is required by the Cobequid Community Health Centre. This list is reviewed by the Board of Directors of the Foundation and then provided to Management and Staff of the Foundation. They develop a plan to bring the funds needed to purchase these items into the Foundation through fundraisers, individual community and corporate gifts.

As the funds are raised, the Foundation provides Cobequid Centre management the approval to purchase the piece of equipment. Each dollar you donate stays right here in our community to help fund the healthcare needs of you and your neighbours.

Through the generous support of our donors, the Cobequid Health Centre Foundation funds, in full, a significant amount of the medical equipment required each year in order to provide quality care.

Please find below the list of current needs for fiscal year 2022-2023.

Current Needs

Biofeedback Urostym Pelvic Floor Rehab System

Cost $23,946

Endoscopy Suite – Urology Clinic

Biofeedback takes information about something happening in the body and presents it in a way that you can see, hear and understand. In biofeedback, the measurement is displayed on a computer screen and is heard as a tone and used to learn about a subtle body function.  Weakness or dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles can lead to problems with both bladder and rectal support and control.  


Hematology Automated Slide Stainer – Cost $21,033

Laboratory Services

The Hematology Slide Stainer helps our laboratory staff efficiently and safely process patient samples. 

Vein Viewer
Vein Viewer

EBRE Electrosurgical System

Cost $49,126 ($24,563 each)

2 Required for the Endoscopy Suite

The EBRE system offers low dosages of power for both cut and coagulation modes, it allows for the cutting tool to stay in contact with the tissue. The Spark Recognition can detect micro-electric arcs (sparks) and help control the cutting, in length and quality of the cut so it can be reproduced, in both high and low voltage situations. The ERBE VIO 300 D can be a standalone generator but it can also be added to and built upon with additional modular system for more advanced endoscopic procedures.

Uroflow with Accessories

Cost $6,153 

Endoscopy Suite

The Uroflow is a compact and portable digital flowmeter designed for practical everyday uroflowmetry, where ease of use, precision and low cost are top priorities.

Recording starts automatically when the patient starts voiding. Flow/volume scales can be adjusted and the pre-flow and post-flow times are user selectable. Siroky flow plots can be printed to diagnose normal or obstructed urinary flows.

The digital weight sensor can be mounted on a height-adjustable uroflow stand, and/or placed under a micturition chair. The lightweight thermal printer unit of the Flowstar is connected by cable and can be up to 10 meters away from the uroflow sensor.

Additional needs

There are the additional items required. If you would like further information on any of the items listed on this page, please call or email the Foundation at (902) 869-6111 or Thank you for your consideration.

Foot Activated Stool

Number required: 5

Department: Laboratory Services

Cost: $1,600


Number required: 2 Cases 

Department: Laboratory Services

Cost: $1,036

Over Bed Table

Number required: 12

Department: Emergency Department & Rehab Services

Cost: $5,500

Uroflow with Accessories

Department: Endoscopy Suite

Cost: $6,155

Ophthalmoscopes & Otoscopes

Required: 15 sets

Department: Emergency Department

Cost: $12,306

5 Ear Therometers

Department: Emergency Department

Cost: $1,030

Quad Exercise Table with Weights

Department: Physiotheraphy

Cost: $5,128

General Imaging Unit

Department: Diagnostic Imaging

Cost: $499,534

Digital Patient Scale

Department: Diagnostic Imaging

Cost: $907.


Department: Emergency Department

Cost: $5,931.

Slit Lamp

Department: Emergency Department

Cost: $16,408.

Medical Ice Machine

Department: Emergency Department

Cost: $14,870.

Impact of donations

To see some of the items the Foundation, through your generous donations and your participation in our events, have been able to fund visit our Impact of donations page. In the hands of our skilled healthcare professionals, this equipment provides quality care for you and your neighbours.