Thank you so much for your recent donations.

We really appreciate your donations.  We know you have choices when making a gift and we are grateful you chose us!  Our Board of Directors, Management and Staff are committed to ensuring all donations are stretched as far as possible.  The donations we receive helps fund equipment needed to make a difference right here in our community. This enables our professional staff to provide quality care, right here, at our health centre.

Here are some of the items the Foundation, through your generous donations and your participation in our events, has funded. In the hands of our skilled healthcare professionals, this equipment provides quality care for you and your neighbours.

Our Board of Directors is committed to ensuring transparency in all our financial operations. Here are our current audited financial statements.  If you ever have any questions or would like a tour to see first hand how we use your donations to care for our community, please call our Executive Director, Stacey Chapman at (902) 869-6111 or

Thank you 🙂

Impact of Donations

Thank you to all of our donors who helped make a new Cysto Video Scope to Cobequid Centre’s Endoscopy Clinic possible.

The cystocope is an optical instrument (a scope) that is inserted through the urethra into the bladder.

The urology clinic completes cystoscopies every Tuesday and Thursday. This valuable service helps physicians determine many types of diagnosis and provide treatment.

Thank you to all of our donors who helped bring a new Scope Reprocessing System to Cobequid Centre’s Endoscopy Clinic.

This system cleans and sterilizes scopes to ensure they meet the strict criteria for use with patients.

In this very busy department, this equipment is critical in order to keep patient appointments possible, on time and conducted safely.

The generosity of our donors means Rehabilitation Services has a new portable ultrasound. Our physio team thanks you!

This machine, used by our physiotherapists, helps reduce swelling in the beginning stages of healing. It sends high frequency sound waves into the tissues to mobilize fluid and increase circulation.

It is used on approximately 70% of acute patients in this department.

Thank you to our donors who made a bariatric chair possible for our Emergency Department. This helps provide more inclusive, safer and comfortable care.

This chair has a wider chair surface. The motor allows our healthcare professionals to safely recline and raise patients. It has the weight capacity of 700 lb.

The design aids in the reduction of pressure sores, general discomfort and infection control.

Thank you to a donor who made a new family room within our Emergency Department possible.  

This provides a quiet and private space for families to make phone calls, have discussions and help provide support to their ill family member. 

Thanks you so much!

Thank you to our donors who made a bariatric stretcher possible for our Emergency Department. This stretcher helps provide more inclusive, safer and comfortable care.

The wider bed surface allows for easier turning and stability of patients. Our healthcare professionals can safely raise and lower the beds surface with the hydraulic lift system. It has the weight capacity of 700 lb.

Additional Funded Items

Here are some of the other items we have funded recently:

  • 15 Patient Side Chairs for the Emergency Department
  • 6 Patient Over bed Tables for the Emergency Department
  • 1 Blanket Warmer for the Endoscopy Suite
  • 4 Physician Stools for the Emergency Department
  • 1 IV Chair for CT for Diagnostic Imaging
  • 12 Electronic Thermometers for Emergency Department/ Endoscopy Suite/ Rehab Services

You can help!

You can help make an impact with your donation. Use the button below to make a donation or visit our current needs page to see which items we need the most.